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• Kasra Hospital – Thursdays (10 to 12)

Certificates and Honors of Dr. Yazdian Traditional Medicine Clinic

Why Dr. Yazdian Traditional Medicine Clinic?

At Dr. Yazdian Iranian traditional medicine clinic, we try to treat our dear clients with minimal prescriptions and by preferring to prescribe nutritional solutions instead of medicinal plants. Our priority is to prescribe simple plants instead of compound plants in order to take an important step in the prevention and treatment of dear clients. The basis of our work in this clinic is based on recognizing the organ involved in the disease, with the skill of taking a history of the patient and provide maintaining health solutions (observing the correct principles of life) and then providing nutrition solutions based on the organ involved (nutrition therapy) and Finally, prescribe of herbal ingredients in the form of drugs and other herbal products approved by the Iran Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) in pharmacies is based on the latest valid research in the world.

Our activity started in 2014 with the presentation of the above mentioned therapeutic method. Our significant achievements initially began at Day Hospital (Specialized Clinic) with the visit of about 7,000 patients with high levels of patient satisfaction due to the recovery process with minimal side effects. These successes continued at Kasra Hospital and Erfan Hospital.

This high level of satisfaction has been provided only because of the scientific nature of the treatment method, which has also been approved by the Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

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